How we ended up on the East Coast!

I wanted to share a little bit about our family and how we ended up moving here!
One year ago on Friday we walked into a very hot courtroom in South Africa with our two littles to make our little girl officially a Stromberg. About 5 weeks later we were on our way back home. While we were in South Africa waiting for paperwork we received an email notifying us that Josh had been put on the waitlist for the architecture program at Dalhousie University. It was exciting, nervous, scary, wonderful etc... as we started dreaming about him chasing after his dream. 
We arrived home beginning of June and enjoyed life as a family of 4 for a couple months. At the end of July (2 days before the cutoff) Josh received an email saying he had been accepted into the program! We made our pros and cons list but we also felt like this was a nudge for us to live up to our adventurous spirits. SO.... one month after he was accepted we packed him up into a suitcase and he took a one way flight to Halifax while I stayed back with my littles to take care of a few things.
That was the longest month ever and when we were finally on our way we were so excited. My parents travelled with us from Saskatoon to Halifax over 6 days of many hours of driving. But we made it! 
Let the adventure begin! Since moving here in October it has been a bit of a whirlwind and learning a new way of life. Having my husband in such an intense school program, learning to be a mom to 2 kids now and living in a new city. But it also had me very excited that I could begin my dream of working full time on my photography. Two dreams being chased all in one move. Couldn't ask for a better adventure!

The last couple weeks we have had the chance to enjoy the weather and go exploring to different beaches, hiking trails, parks and the list goes on. The last two days we even spent in Prince Edward Island which has been amazing!